E911 Dispatchers – National Telecommunicators Week

This is National Telecommunicators Week and it is the time to recognize the Emergency Services personnel that handle the calls for Police, Fire, and Ambulance.  Cindy Hanavan is the supervisor for the E911 employees at the Chillicothe / Livingston County Law Enforcement Center. She says these employees are not just answering phone calls, they do much more.

Hanavan says they are the calm voice when so much is going on.

She says there is more going on during the call than most people realize.

In addition to the 911 calls, these are also the ones responsible for non-emergency calls, greeting those that come to the door, for both the police department and sheriff’s office and they are often called upon to answer questions or to find those that can.  The Chillicothe Dispatch office is generally manned by two operators and they are kept busy most of the time.

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