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You’ve filed your tax return and are expecting a refund, but where is that refund?  IRS Spokesman Michael Devine says the most convenient way to check on a tax refund is by using the Where’s My Refund? Tool on  Devine says that 24 hours after the IRS has acknowledged receipt of your return, you can check the status.

Taxpayers can access the Where’s My Refund? tool two ways:

The tool shows progress in three phases:

  • Return received
    • Refund approved
    • Refund sent

When the status changes to approved, this means the IRS is preparing to send the refund as a direct deposit to the taxpayer’s bank account or directly to the taxpayer in the mail, by check, to the address used on their tax return.

Devine says if you filed electronically, are due a refund, and selected direct deposit… you should see that deposited in your bank account in about 21 days.