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Thompson River, Weldon River and No Creek Listed As “Impaired Waters”

The E. coli contamination of the Thompson River, Weldon River and No Creek is due to “Non-Point Source Pollution.”  Chief of the Total Maximum Daily Load and Modeling Unit in the Water Protection Unit of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Michael Kruse says those waterways are outside the limits for E. coli

Kruse says they have placed no restrictions, but want the public to be aware of the status of those waters.

There are multiple possible sources of contamination, including improper or failing septic systems, run-off from livestock pastures, or even livestock using the rivers or creeks as a drinking water source.

He says good land management practices often help to reduce the run-off that causes contamination.

There may be assistance and funding available for conservation practices through the Soil and Water Conservation Districts.  The DNR’s implementation document (link below) also provides links and resources that may assist the landowners.