Graduation Dates For Area Schools

Graduation dates for the area schools range from May 6th to the 22nd.


Bosworth May  7  1:00pm
Braymer May 15  2:00pm
Breckenridge May 8   3:00pm
Brookfield May 22  1:00pm
Carrollton May 22  2:00pm
Chillicothe May 15  3:00pm
Bishop Hogan – 8th grade May 18  6:00pm
Chula  –  8th Grade May 6   6:00pm
Gallatin May 6   6:30pm
Grundy County of Galt May 21  2:00pm
Hale May 6    7:00pm
Hamilton May 15   2:00pm
Marceline May 15   1:00pm
Meadville May 15   2:00pm
Southwest of Ludlow May 15   2:00pm
Tina/Avalon May 8    2:00pm
Tri-County of Jamesport May 13  6:00pm
Trenton May 14  7:30pm


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