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Council Repeals Breed Ban – Passes Vicious Dog Ordinance

The limitations of specific dog breeds in the City of Chillicothe were repealed at Monday’s City Council meeting.  The council took the action after nearly 30 minutes of discussion. The action included passage of the revised Vicious Dog ordinance that requires the owners of dogs deemed to be vicious either by their actions of a severe bite of a person or other dog.

A dog found to be “Vicious” would be required to wear a collar with “Vicious Dog” printed on the collar.  The dog would need to be micro-chipped, would need to be securely contained, signage for a vicious dog would be required and the owner would need to show proof of insurance.

Several council members were concerned about the enforcement of the ordinance, including 2nd Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham.

The council considered tabling the ordinance, but chose to pass the ordinance as presented and will work on the enforcement language as soon as possible.