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MoDOT’s State Transportation Improvement Plan Available For Comment

The Missouri Department of Transportation roadwork plans for the coming years was released in the draft State Transportation Improvement Plan.  The plan outlines projects that are planned over the next five years.  The plan is available for review by the public and comments will be accepted through June 17th.

Under the plan’s Highway and Bridge Construction Schedule, One of the projects in Livingston County in 2023 is resurfacing 12-miles of US 36, from the Coon Creek Bridge to Catawba Road in Caldwell County.  This will include the road surface under the railroad bridge and US 65 Bridge in Chillicothe.  The estimated total for the project is just over $4.4 million.

Also in the plan for 2023, is the replacement of the Shoal Creek Bridge on Route C, south of Utica.  That project is estimated at $2.3 million.

These projects will be bid and awarded before the end of 2022.


Projects in Livingston County scheduled to be bid in early 2023 include:

Resurfacing of US 65, from US 36 through downtown to north of Highway 190.  The project is estimated to cost $2 million

Upgrade of Pedestrian facilities to meet ADA requirements at locations in Wheeling, Chula, and Ludlow.  The project is also estimated at $2 million.


The final project scheduled in Livingston County is the Resurfacing of US 65, from US 36 to Highway 24 in Carrollton, for an estimated $10 million.  Bidding will take place sometime in 2023.


The schedule is still in DRAFT and is subject to change.