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Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are heat-related illnesses that are not uncommon when the outside temperatures start climbing into the 90’s and above.  Ann Burchett from the Livingston County Health Center says one of the keys to avoiding those is to avoid dehydration.

Burchett suggests drinking plenty of water early and continuing to replenish your body throughout the day.

Experts recommend avoiding caffeinated beverages, including coffee and colas.  Avoid sugary drinks if possible.  Burchett says water is best.

She also recommends taking breaks and finding some shade.

Some signs of Heat Exhaustion include: Cool, moist skin when in the heat, Heavy sweating, Faintness, Dizziness, Fatigue, Weak, rapid pulse, and Muscle cramps.

Rest, rehydrate slowly and cool down.

For Heat Stroke, signs include: headache, confusion, no sweating, rapid heart rate, nausea or vomiting and may lose consciousness.

You need to seek help.