Resurfacing In Sullivan, Putnam, and Linn Counties

A resurfacing project in Linn, Putnam and Sullivan counties, will start today.  The work had previously been postponed due to weather. The Missouri Department of Transportation has contracted with Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. to complete the project.

Crews plan to begin on:

  • Putnam/Sullivan County Route KK from Route K (Putnam County) to Route EE (Sullivan County)
  • Sullivan County Route M from Route 5 to Route 129.

The contractor plans to have multiple crews working for the remainder of 2022, until the temperatures drop below the optimal range for the resurfacing material.  The start dates for the remaining routes are weather dependent, but are tentatively scheduled as follows.

  • Putnam County Route N from the Iowa state line to U.S. Route 136 in Livonia – starting Nov. 4
  • Putnam County Route FF from U.S. Route 136 to Route W – starting Nov. 7
  • Putnam County Route EE from U.S. Route 136 to Route K – start date to be determined
  • Putnam/Sullivan County Route BB from Route EE in Putnam County to Route K in Sullivan County – start date to be determined
  • Putnam County Route F from Route 5 to Route 129 – start date to be determined

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