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Food Safety – Don’t Rinse The Bird!

DO NOT RINSE YOUR TURKEY!  The USDA recommends against rinsing the bird before cooking.  Meredith Carothers with the USDA’s Meat and Poultry Hotline says it is a health issue you want to avoid.  A quick rinse can cause splashing and drippage that could spread the bacteria you are trying to rinse away.

This is also why they recommend keeping the bird in the wrapper until it is time to cook.

If you do end up getting those juices in areas they shouldn’t be, you will need to disinfect those areas.  Keep a spray bottle of clean tap water with a bit of bleach ready to wipe down those areas.

Also, remember to clean your cutting board with that sanitizing solution especially if you had raw meat on the board.

In addition, sanitize the sink handles, your hands, and even that spray bottle from time to time