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Council Appointment Approved In Trenton

The Trenton City Council approved two ordinances and two appointments in their meeting Monday

The council approved the appointment of William Fisher to fill the unexpired term as 1st Ward council representative.  Fisher is running for the seat in the April election.

Two ordinances were approved.  The first is for a MoDOT grant agreement for the Trenton Airport for maintenance.  The second ordinance is for lighting on Highway 6, allowing the City to add lights at its expense.

Under New Business,

A person who was to be appointed to the Convention and Visitors Bureau Board chose to not accept the nomination.  The Mayor did not have another nominee, so the Council presented the reappointment of the current board member, Megen Paster on a 5/3 vote.

The council approved the request for ground-sampling of a site behind the fire department that had been used for grain storage.  The request was made by USDA.