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CHS Boys Wrestling Goes 2-1 At Macon Triangular On Thursday

The Chillicothe High School Boys Wrestling team went 2-1 in its three matches at Macon on Thursday night. The Hornets fell 45-29 to North Callaway and took down Palmyra 66-18 and Macon 44-24.
Chillicothe (29) vs. North Callaway (45)

113: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over Tristan Young (NORTHCAL) (TF 16-0 6:00)
120: James Hail (CHILLICO) over Keitan Matteson (NORTHCAL) (Fall 0:24)
126: John Higgins (NORTHCAL) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
132: Lane Kimbley (NORTHCAL) over Caden Kanniainen (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:11)
138: Cashton Holloway (NORTHCAL) over Bryce Dominique (CHILLICO) (Fall 3:25)
144: Leeam Gathright (NORTHCAL) over Morgan Orndorff (CHILLICO) (Fall 5:37)
150: Carson Safranski (NORTHCAL) over Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:41)
157: Eli Henry (NORTHCAL) over Cayden Larson (CHILLICO) (Fall 2:59)
165: Dawson Sutton (CHILLICO) over Mathias Lobb (NORTHCAL) (Fall 5:39)
175: Brody Carins (CHILLICO) over Justice Hancock (NORTHCAL) (Fall 1:36)
190: Casper Safranski (NORTHCAL) over Keyton Warren (CHILLICO) (Fall 2:46)
215: Caleb Rorhbach (NORTHCAL) over Martin Moore (CHILLICO) (Dec 6-5)
285: Bo Smith (CHILLICO) over Justice Flax (NORTHCAL) (Fall 0:27)

Chillicothe (66) vs. Palmyra (18)

106: Wesley Summers (PALMYRA) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
113: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over Kadon Timbrook (PALMYRA) (Fall 2:18)
120: James Hail (CHILLICO) over (PALMYRA) (For.)
126: Kevin Gosney (PALMYRA) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
132: Isaiah Myers (CHILLICO) over (PALMYRA) (For.)
138: Bryce Dominique (CHILLICO) over (PALMYRA) (For.)
144: Morgan Orndorff (CHILLICO) over (PALMYRA) (For.)
150: Collin Arch (PALMYRA) over Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:54)
157: Cayden Larson (CHILLICO) over Talon Markley (PALMYRA) (Fall 0:32)
165: Dawson Sutton (CHILLICO) over Wyatt Pults (PALMYRA) (Fall 0:48)
175: Brody Cairns (CHILLICO) over Ashton Hankins (PALMYRA) (Fall 0:41)
190: Keyton Warren (CHILLICO) over (PALMYRA) (For.)
215: Martin Moore (CHILLICO) over Zeke Meyers (PALMYRA) (Fall 4:26)
285: Bo Smith (CHILLICO) over Bryce Jackman (PALMYRA) (Fall 0:48)

Chillicothe (44) vs. Macon (24)

113: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over Rhett Pollard (MACON) (Fall 5:07)
120: Tanner Still (MACON) over James Hail (CHILLICO) (Dec 4-1)
126: Isaiah Johanningsmeier (MACON) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
132: Isaiah Myers (CHILLICO) over Devin O`Hara (MACON) (Fall 1:39)
138: Bryce Dominique (CHILLICO) over Conner O`Hara (MACON) (TF 16-1 2:00)
144: Tomas Dela Rosa (CHILLICO) over (MACON) (For.)
150: Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) over (MACON) (For.)
157: Bodie Legan (MACON) over Cayden Larson (CHILLICO) (Dec 11-4)
165: Daniel Kauffman (MACON) over Dawson Sutton (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:23)
175: Brody Cairns (CHILLICO) over Ethan Prewitt (MACON) (Dec 9-3)
190: Keyton Warren (CHILLICO) over Keethan Dawson (MACON) (Fall 3:43)
215: Hayden Burns (MACON) over Martin Moore (CHILLICO) (Fall 2:36)
285: Bo Smith (CHILLICO) over (MACON) (For.)