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CHS Boys Wrestling Splits Against Brookfield And Missouri Military Academy

The Chillicothe High School Boys Wrestling team went 1-1 against the Missouri Military Academy and Brookfield on Thursday night. The Hornets took down MMA 54-21 and fell to Brookfield 60-24.
Chillicothe (54) vs. Missouri Military Academy (21)

106: Deonte Kerns (MMA) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
113: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over Matthew Pfeifer (MMA) (Fall 1:51)
120: James Hail (CHILLICO) over Dallas Grantz (MMA) (Fall 1:17)
132: Ryan Miles (MMA) over Caden Kanniainen (CHILLICO) (Fall 5:10)
138: Bryce Dominique (CHILLICO) over Alexander Snyder (MMA) (Fall 2:36)
144: Trae Griffiths (MMA) over Tomas Dela Rosa (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:26)
150: Bryson Powell (MMA) over Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) (Dec 7-0)
157: Cayden Larson (CHILLICO) over Gabriel Canonico (MMA) (Fall 1:22)
165: Dawson Sutton (CHILLICO) over Blake Krull (MMA) (Fall 1:54)
175: Brody Carins (CHILLICO) over Evan Corley (MMA) (Fall 1:14)
190: Brock Miller (CHILLICO) over Adam Swenson (MMA) (Fall 1:22)
215: Dilyn Ulmer (CHILLICO) over Landon Meyer (MMA) (Fall 1:03)
285: Bo Smith (CHILLICO) over Ben Huynh (MMA) (Fall 1:14)

Brookfield (60) vs. Chillicothe (24)

106: Trayce Switzer (BROOKFLD) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
113: Xaiver Sada (BROOKFLD) over James Hail (CHILLICO) (Fall 3:05)
120: Ryder Techau (BROOKFLD) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
126: Peyton Parn (BROOKFLD) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
132: Gambal Staddie (BROOKFLD) over Caden Kanniainen (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:18)
138: Bryce Dominique (CHILLICO) over Kameron Perry (BROOKFLD) (Fall 0:56)
144: Gabe Leonard (BROOKFLD) over Tomas Dela Rosa (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:30)
150: Colton Parn (BROOKFLD) over Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:31)
157: Ethan Huwar (BROOKFLD) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
165: Kendrell Carter (BROOKFLD) over Dawson Sutton (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:25)
175: Devan Parn (BROOKFLD) over Brody Hollifield (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:12)
190: Brock Miller (CHILLICO) over Max Alexander (BROOKFLD) (Fall 0:51)
215: Dilyn Ulmer (CHILLICO) over Cordray Baker (BROOKFLD) (Fall 1:21)
285: Bo Smith (CHILLICO) over Chase Jurkofsky (BROOKFLD) (Fall 1:46)