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Easement Approved For Wetland Mitigation Project

The Roy Blunt Reservoir needs to have Mitigation projects to improve or replace wetlands that will be destroyed with the building of the reservoir.  One of those projects is at Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Sumner.  Greg Pitchford with Allstate Consultants says to assist the contractors in the Swan Lake project, they need access and high ground.  For that, they approached the City of Chillicothe for a temporary easement on the Missouri North Central Railroad, which is owned by the City.

Pitchford says the contractors would clear 3-5 miles of railbed for the project.  This could start at the park property or possibly Sumner City Limits.

He says the project will have lasting effects.

More birds in the fall will mean more hunters and those from out of the area may need a place to stay, eat and relax.  In the spring, the increase in birds brings bird-watchers, who also need those accommodations.

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