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Around the globe, the agriculture community is celebrating Bat Week.  The celebration is intentionally set around the celebration of Halloween.

Rod Bain from the USDA says this celebrates the benefits of bats in the US and abroad.

The website, explains why bats matter.  One reason is what they eat.

Although almost 70% of bat species feed primarily on insects, some bats are carnivorous, eating meat like rodents, frogs, and fish.

Only three species of bats feed on animal blood, with two of these species specializing on bird blood.

Many other bats eat pollen, nectar or fruit—these bats are vital for pollinating flowers and spreading seeds that grow new plants and trees.

Globally, bats range in size from the bumblebee bat that weighs less than a penny, to the fox bat – with a wing span of up to six feet.

Missouri has fourteen species of bats.