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CMU Power & Water Issues Over The Weekend

Power and Water issues over the weekend were handled by Chillicothe Municipal Utilities.

A power outage occurred Sunday at about 12:20 am that affected about ¾ of the community.  Electric Services Superintendent Colton Reeter says they are still investigating the cause of the outage that seemed to be related to the 69KV line.  Power was restored after about 17 minutes.

A second outage occurred Saturday at about 11:00 am in the 1700 block of Calhoun and affected 30-40 customers.

For the Water Department, a water main Break on the southern part of Peacher Street required repairs.  An old section of the water main broke and to make repairs, a three-foot section was replaced.  The affected residents were notified with flyers on their doors.  Boil orders for those residents will be lifted after testing comes back clean.