Chillicothe Will Need To Revise Ordinances To Include Medical Marijuana

Voters in Missouri approved the state’s constitutional amendment to approve the use of Medical Marijuana, now the state is working to set the regulations that will apply to the production and sales facilities for the prescribed marijuana. Chillicothe City Administrator Darin Chappell says cities will be affected by the change in the law and will need to make some adjustments.

Chappell says cities cannot create laws that are more restrictive but will have some leeway on some of the particulars within the local ordinances.

Chappell says anyone that is considering using medical marijuana needs to remember that Marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

The Chillicothe City Council on Monday was expected to discuss how the city’s codes and ordinances affected by the new law, but the discussion was tabled until one of the February council sessions.

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