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Good Voter Turnout for Primary – Results For Local Races In The Area Counties

Voter turnout for the August primary in the local counties averaged 35.3%.  Livingston County  turnout was 32%, Sullivan County was the lowest at 28.7% and Chariton County had 43% turnout in the election.  Taking a look at the results from the area counties:

The Caldwell County Primary has a couple races that were narrowed, and voters made their decision on two issues.

For Caldwell county offices:  For Western District Commissioner, two Republicans ran and Rex Hibler had 595 votes, defeating Dale Crabb who had 343.

For Caldwell County Clerk, Democrat Sharon Wright ran unopposed in the primary and will face Republican Christine Owen, the winner over Don Ives

For Presiding Commissioner. Republican Bud Motsinger faces Democrat Dennis Walker.  Both were unopposed in the primary.

County Wide, there was one Proposition on the Ballot, asking voter to approve making the Prosecuting Attorney a full time position.  That passed 1226 yes to 1039 no.

In the city of Hamilton, voters approved a USE tax to be equal to the city’s sales tax.  The vote was 196 yes to 180 no.

Voter turnout in Caldwell County was 37.5%

Carroll County Voters narrowed the race for the Carroll County Presiding Commissioners Seat.  The Primary Election had good turnout with 39% of the registered voters casing a ballot.

For The Presiding Commissioners race, Republican Stan Falke had 1122 votes to Robert (Bob) Bryant 1079.  Falke will face Democrat Cheryl Sanders, who ran unopposed in the primary.

In Chariton County, 43% of the registered voters cast a ballot in Tuesday’s Primary Election.

There was one County office that was decided in the election, that was the County Clerk.  Two Democrats ran of the office.  Susan Littleton won with 612 votes to 593 votes for Missy Stallo.  There are no Republican Candidates for the office.

The Chariton County voters will need to decide who will have the Presiding Commissioners seat in the November election.  Democrat Tony McCollum faces Republican Evan Emmerich.  Both were uncontested in the primary.

Daviess County voters had just one contested race for a county office on the Primary ballot and that was the Presiding Commissioners Race.  Two Republicans ran, Jim Ruse had 636 votes to defeat Melvin McFee with 556 votes.  Ruse had no opposition in November and will take the office in January.

Voter turnout in Daviess County was 32.7%

Grundy County voters elected a new Presiding Commissioner.  The primary ballot included three Republican candidates for the office.  Phillip Ray is the winner, with 931 votes, over Rick Hull with 603 and Mark Moore with 348. There were no Democrat candidates for the office.

Voter turnout in Grundy County was 37.5 %

The Linn County Primary had no contested races.

Meadville Voters had two decisions to make.

They were first asked if they wanted to form the “Meadville Fire District.”  The vote was 245 yes and 42 no.

Meadville Voters were also asked for the authority to have set Personal Property and Real Estate tax to support the Meadville Fire District.  The tax would be set at .30 per $100 valuation.  That vote was 214 yes to 75 no.

Voter turnout in Linn County was 32.2%

Sullivan County voters had no local contested races in Tuesday’s Primary Election.  They did have one Countywide proposition.

Sullivan County Voters were asked to set a .50 per hundred dollar valuation to support Road Improvements.  The measure was voted down, with 609 No votes and 477 yes.

Turnout for the Sullivan County Primary was 28.7%