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City and County Investigating SCAMS

Chillicothe Police investigated an attempted scam Thursday.   The reported scam occurred at local banking facility where a subject cashed a check that had been issued to the subject as payment for an item, but the check was made out for more than the purchase price. The subject was to cash the check, keep her payment and send the remainder to the issuer. When someone wants to give you something like this as payment and wants the remainder sent to them, be smart enough to realize it’s a scam that they are getting you to take part in.


The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department investigated a reported scam.  According to the Sheriff, someone had hacked the victims email and posted they were in need of money that should be placed on a card for the victim’s child.  The report states the friends had purchased gift cards for the child and supplied the scammer with the card numbers, which were quickly emptied of any money.  The victims lost an estimated $400.

Sheriff Steve Cox says “If you were a victim you are encouraged to report the loss to your local law enforcement and/or the Missouri Attorney General’s office.”