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The Bethel AME Church – To Preserve History, Sometimes It MUST Be Moved

The move of the 150 year old Bethel AME Church to the Grand River Historical Society took place Tuesday (September 18th), to preserve the church and it’s history.  Pam Clingerman, Curator at the Historical Society Museum says the church was built in 1868, and is significant not only to Chillicothe, but to the history of Missouri.


Clingerman says the Chillicothe church was part of a circuit.

She says the church underwent at least one remodel and evidence of the work was recently discovered.

The Contents of the Time Capsule


She says the church itself is not very ornate.

To facilitate the move, the steeple and roof had to be removed.  The steeple will be reattached and Clingerman says the roof and ceiling will be restored.

AME Church Steeple Removed

The church building was donated to the Museum to preserve the history, but the property owner, Brent Kline, wanted the church moved.  Clingerman worked with several foundations and organizations to secure donations and grants to make the move and preservation possible.  She says a celebration is in the planning for mid to late October and further announcements will be made as the plans are solidified.