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In Some Counties, Up to 25% of Registered Sex Offenders Are Unaccounted For

The Missouri State Auditor says as many as 25% of the registered Sex Offenders can not be located in some counties.  A recent audit released today (Monday) says local law enforcement can’t locate more than 1,200 registered sex offenders in 14 Missouri counties.

Those who commit Tier III offenses – including rape, sodomy or child molestation in the first or second degree – must register with local law enforcement every 90 days for their lifetime.

Sheriff Steve Cox says in Livingston County his department works to keep the offenders in complaisance and says they work with the other jurisdictions to help maintain compliance.

The map of Sex Offenders that are unaccounted for by County shows many of the local counties are doing very well.  Livingston, Caldwell, Linn and Sullivan County have 0 to 5% unaccounted for, Carroll, Chariton and Daviess Counties are at 5.1 – 10% and Grundy County is at 10.1 – 15%