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North Missouri Solid Waste Management District Drop-Off Saturday In Chillicothe

Livingston County residents may bring items to a residential collection event taking place Saturday at the old Pellet building, in the 200 block of Brunswick Street.  The hours are from 9:00 am to Noon.  This is a separate event, at the same location as the City’s Collection.

The North Missouri Solid Waste Management District will collect many items, some will require a payment.

They will accept tires.  Car tires are $2 each, Truck tires are $6 each and Tractor tires are $20 each.  They must be off the rims.

Appliances will be accepted at a cost of $5 each.  Refrigerants must be removed before drop off.

Electronics will be accepted. There may be a charge ranging from FREE to $20 per item.

Intact batteries, including car batteries, will be accepted and they will accept ink cartridges.