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Opening Roads, Includes Clean-Up AND Inspection

Debris Clean-Up Under The Bridges

US 65 south of Chillicothe is now open, but getting to that point is a process.  As river levels drop and the roads begin to dry, the Missouri Department of Transportation will begin the work to open the roads as quickly as possible.  Tonya Lohman, District Maintenance and Traffic Engineer for the Northwest Part of the state says there is a process and every situation is a bit different.  Lohman says on US 65, there are three bridges that cross water and each must be checked before the road is opened.

Lohman says on the Grand River there is a lot of debris that washes in form farther up stream and from the tributaries.

She says they also check the roadway itself.

US Highway 65, south of Chillicothe is now OPEN.  Drive safely!