Two Drug Investigations In Sheriff’s Report

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department reported on two drug investigations.

Sheriff Steve Cox reports a drug investigation from December 18th is nearing an end. Deputies were investigating other matters in the 12000 block of Liv 251 and discovered a quantity of methamphetamine. Cox says the evidence was seized and further investigation resulted in seeking felony charges.

A drug investigation that began in June is complete. Cox says in June a deputy stopped a vehicle that contained a fugitive in Chillicothe.  A syringe was found on the suspect when he was taken into custody. Deputies also found a digital scale.  Evidence was sent to the Highway Patrol Crime Lab and this week they received the reports indicating one or both items of evidence contain Methamphetamine.  A report was submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges.

January 2nd a person under bond supervision met at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department to meet with the bond supervisor and had allegedly had a U/A violation. The report states the person was was hiding cigarettes, hiding prescription medication in their sock, and allegedly ingested some of the prescription medication prior to being arrested. They were also found in possession of another person’s id/driver’s license and credit card.  The person claimed they had failed their required test due to eating some type of “bad rabbit” or other wild game.

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