Chillicothe Warming Centers and Space Heater Safety

The City of Chillicothe has warming centers available for those in need.  Chillicothe Fire Chief Darrell Wright says if you are in need of a warming shelter, contact the Chillicothe dispatch office at 646-2121 and they will assist you in locating a warming center.


Chief Wright also reminds anyone using a space heater to use the appropriate precautions.

If it is an electric space heater, plug it directly into the wall, not into an extension cord. If the breaker or fuse blows when the heater is in use, find a different outlet because the heater is creating too much load on the circuit.

If you are using a fuel powered space heater, make sure you have adequate ventilation to allow fresh air into the home, so you do not have a build-up of carbon-monoxide.

If you have an attached garage, do not allow your vehicle to run in the garage as that can also cause a build up of carbon-monoxide in the home.



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