Occupant Protection Seat Belt Enforcement Day

The Trenton Police Department will participate in Occupant Protection Seat Belt Enforcement Day, on April 11th.  Officers will be conducting extra enforcement on this date for seatbelt compliance.  Trenton Police Chief Rex Ross says “As of March 31st, 160 people have been killed in Missouri crashes compared to 190 for the same time period last year.  While we hope that this reduction continues, we recognize that we still have a lot of work to do.   Sixty-three percent (63%) of vehicle occupants killed in the last 3 years were unbuckled.

Ross says:

  • Worn correctly, seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45 percent for front-seat passenger car occupants — and by 60 percent for pickup truck, SUV and van occupants.
  • In fatal crashes, almost 80 percent of vehicle occupants who were thrown from their vehicles were killed. In addition, less than 1 percent of crash victims who were buckled up were ejected from their vehicles, compared to 40 percent of those who were unbuckled.
  • Motorists are 75 percent less likely to be killed in rollover crashes if they are buckled up.

Please take the time to buckle up and remind your passengers to do the same.  Just make it a habit!

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