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Crowder State Park – 7-Mile Rugged Hike

If a seven-mile rugged hike sounds enjoyable, Crowder State Parks has an opportunity to explore one of the prettiest sections of trails they have to offer.  The Spring South Thompson Hike at Crowder State Park is April 27th at 10:00 am.

The hike will begin at the campground amphitheater, where you will meet with park staff members. Participants are encouraged to bring water and snacks to enjoy during the hike that is expected to last approximately six hours.  You are also encouraged to wear comfortable hiking shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather. Wear your choice of insect repellant to avoid tick and insect bites when spending time outdoors.

Local Boy Scouts are considering this as part of their Hiking Merit Badge and in preparation for Philmont.  For more information call Crowder State Park at 660-359-6473.

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