Updated Flood Warnings for Grand & Thompson Rivers

Major flooding is occurring on several portions of the Grand River, including at Chillicothe.  Record flooding is possible as the river continues to rise.


At Chillicothe, as of 10:00 am, the river was at 36.8 feet, with a crest of 38.9 feet expected.  That is below the record form 1993 of 39.6 feet.


At Pattonsburg, Major flooding is occurring, with the river at 34.5 feet, and a crest of 39.1 feet Thursday morning.  Flood stage is 25 feet and flooding will continue until Friday evening.


At Gallatin, moderate flooding is occurring, with a reading of 33 feet, and the river is expected to rise to a crest of 34 feet this afternoon.  Flood stage at Gallatin is 26 feet late tonight flooding will continue until Sunday morning.


At Sumner, major flooding will continue until Saturday morning.  The reading this morning is 40.25 feet and a crest of 42.5 feet is expected Friday morning.  That would tie the record set in 1993.  Flooding will continue into mid week. Flood stage at Sumner is 26 feet.


At Brunswick, moderate flooding will continue until Friday and the river will rise to Major flooding Friday morning, with a crest of 33.5 feet and flooding continuing well into next week.  The record in Brunswick is 34.4 feet.  Flood Stage at Brunswick is 19 feet.


On The Thompson River at Trenton.  The current reading is 33.3 feet, with a crest of 34.4 feet is expected this afternoon.   Flood stage for the Thompson River at Trenton is 27 feet.  Flooding will continue until Thursday.


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