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MDC To Pull Cheru Fishing Dock For Winter

Fishing and courtesy docks at some lakes in the northwest region will be removed as a winter precaution.  The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) says the lakes will still be open for fishing and hunting activities allowed on the areas.  Pulling the docks will spare them from winter weather damage.  The MDC staff will return the docks to the lakes in the spring.

Blaine Adams, MDC regional maintenance infrastructure supervisor says “By being proactive and removing the docks in the late fall, we greatly reduce the amount of potential maintenance and repair costs associated with them.”  He went on to say “I instruct my staff to get them back in the water by April 1, or as soon as conditions allow.”

One of the docks in the local area to be pulled is at Cheru Lake at the Fountain Grove Conservation Area.  Others in the Northwest region include: Bilby Ranch Lake, Happy Holler Lake, Pony Express Lake, and Buffalo Bill Lake on the Pony Express Conservation Area.