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Shortgrass Chapter Named 2021 National Chapter Of The Year Advocacy Award

The Shortgrass Chapter of Quail Forever was named the 2021 National Chapter of the Year Advocacy Award recipient.  In a statement from Casey Sill from the national Quail Forever office says the local chapter has made it their mission to ensure quality habitat is on the landscape for quail and other wildlife. They are a burn-certified chapter that has delivered hundreds of acres of prescribed fire, and are highly invested in Missouri policy.

In the last year, Missouri has passed a prescribed fire bill into law that grants private landowners protection when using fire as a management tool on their properties. The Shortgrass Chapter of Quail Forever was a voice for fire throughout this process. In addition, the Shortgrass volunteers have always been a huge advocate for critical habitat that wildlife needs to survive, especially upland birds.

The Shortgrass chapter has also been a key player for advocacy within the state of Missouri, pushing state leaders to continue supporting conservation-oriented legislation. If that weren’t enough, they also increased their support for state and national programs, including the Legislative Action Fund. The uplands are in good hands with the Shortgrass Chapter of Quail Forever in their corner!