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Memory Tree Ornament Pick-Up Deadline

The final day to retrieve your ornaments from the Memory Tree at Silvermoon Plaza is this Friday.  Main Street Chillicothe Director Pam Jarding says you can collect them from the tree yourself or ask the Main Street office to hold them.

If you are taking the ornament from the tree, they need to be removed by the end of the day on January 28th.  If you want Main Street to take the bulb off the tree, call 660-646-4071 and leave a message on the phone.

As an alternative, you can send an e-mail stating your name, what name is inside the ornament, a phone number and the approximate time for pick up.  Send that to psjarding@gmail.com.

Main Street will only hold the ornaments until February 10, and after that date they will dispose of the bulbs that were not picked up.


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