LEPC Meeting Includes Several Agencies For Exercise

The Local Emergency Planning Commission conducted an exercise on how they would respond to a “Mass Casualty” incident.  The exercise included representatives from the City of Chillicothe, Livingston County, the Fire Department, Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, Missouri Highway Patrol, Hedrick Medical Center, Livingston County Health Center, and Chillicothe Street, Parks, and Airport.

Curtis Lanning from the Health Center led the exercise and most of the participants responded as they would for their position.

The exercise is meant to practice the flow of information and response of the various departments or teams, determine the responsibilities of those involved and the limitations, and at the end, review the actions taken in the exercise to determine where they need to improve or change procedures.

Fire Chief Eric Reeter says they opened the Emergency Operations Center at the Fire Department for the first time in three years.  He says for many of the participants it was their first time having this type of exercise.

Lessons learned in the exercise included sharing of information and forms.

The results of this exercise are filed with the State Emergency Management Agency.  By staying current on the required exercises, the county is eligible for grants and funding.

The exercise conducted Wednesday was a “Functional Exercise.”  They also have tabletop exercises and live scenario situations with simulated events.

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