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What Is The Future Of Chillicothe’s Law Enforcement Center

The Law Enforcement Center in Chillicothe has had several issues in recent years, including foundation repairs and sewer issues that were recently repaired.  In addition, the department has grown from about 24 employees, including command staff, dispatchers, sergeants, detectives, and officers, to the current level of 32.  The Chillicothe City Council recently discussed the police facility and many favor changes in the future.  Second Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham spoke about some improvements he sees are needed.

City Administrator Roze Frampton says the building is showing its age.

Frampton says this is a long-term project, it is not something that needs to be done right away, but they do need to begin considering the direction they will take in the future.


Frampton says they will also need to talk with the county and determine if the sheriff’s office wants to be part of any future facility.