Buggy Driver Injured In Grundy County Crash

A crash in Grundy County involving an Amish buggy left the buggy driver with moderate injuries.  State Troopers responded to the crash on Route C, 3 miles west of Spickard, at 7:35 am.  According to the report, a vehicle driven by 29-year-old Jinnifer N Shuler of Spickard was eastbound and struck the rear of the buggy.  The buggy driver, 36-year-old Menno M Hostetler of Spickard, was ejected and had moderate injuries.  He was taken to Wright Memorial Hospital in Trenton for treatment.  The buggy was demolished.  Shuler was not injured.

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  • Patricia Augustine

    When i1st learned of this I was on my way to my Dr. West bound to Hamilton. It truly broke my heart as I have great respect for every family coming and going on life in a way I can only imagine by horse and buggy, and to hear she sustained major head injury drive it closer to home even as I too suffered from a M/C ride that sent me down 36W187ft. Thank The Good Lord I had my helmet on in a state that has no respect for helmets like MO. Is now equilly as insane, in a day and she were supposed to be most enlightened but the deaths WILL rise dramatically I have no doubt!
    But it has taken me going on 15 years to get to where I am now and my whole life has been rearranged entirely from the 5″cadavers bones they Rebuilt my left leg with as 5″ turned to powder tib fib right behind the patella that didn’t break.. but I literally felt 2 hands slip inside my helmet in a hiking my head to protect & stabelize my neck, for which i GOD yet again, I am SOOOOH grateful!!! I’m just saying please don’t tell her ever you miss her, and want her back like she died because she didn’t PRAISE God’s HOLY NAME yet again, but to say those words even in your frustration in the Love you have for her who she was prior to something she couldn’t change ever no matter how hard she tries but Love her through the new learning of what she’s been through and is going through only for us Blessed to be Survivors of Nightmares come true, we ARE the same people but our lives didn’t just get the chance to grow in time with others so they are on the same page exactly we’re with you but we’ve been thrusted ahead in our experiences SOOOOH if you Love us, try to catch up and understand a closed head trauma has to be sorted out and come to terms with in a way that is our recovery and unwrapping what just happened to us no matter how long it takes. Love us and trust we’re giving recovering self and in my case re defining the best of who I am I will ALLLLLWAYS be and the Best in what I find out about the new me LOVE of God and patients with self by others matters SOOOOH greatly in who well be when the smoke settles and we are again who we were New and improved. I’m Praying for her and friends and family as my heart is with them.

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