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MDC Wetland Conditions For Waterfowl Hunting

Biologists say Migrating waterfowl will find food sources good at Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) wetlands this fall on the state’s west side. Though all the marshes could benefit from rain after a dry summer and autumn. Low water or dry wetlands could limit hunting opportunities at some areas. MDC wetlands are prime autumn resting and feeding places for migrating waterfowl and shorebirds, with refuge acres as well as areas open for waterfowl hunting. But they need rain.

Wetlands are products of topography, weather, and in many cases water management by people. MDC crews work year-round to maintain pumps, levees, and water control structures to maximize benefits for wildlife and outdoor recreation. Sometimes, though, drought or floods greatly affect conditions and that’s the case this fall as hunting seasons near.

The Fountain Grove Conservation Area is undergoing pump station construction and may not be pumping water to Pools 1, 2, 3, Pool 2 Walk-In, Pool 3 Walk-In, Green Wings Flats with the ADA blind, and H and J pools. Water conditions in those areas will be contingent on rainfall and flooding. Water management on the east side wetland complex will be normal with 4-12 positions available, depending on rainfall. Moist soil plant conditions are good to excellent and agricultural crops are fair to good.

MDC’s Grand Pass Conservation Area will offer 15 to 40 hunting positions, depending on rainfall and water levels in wetlands. Moist soil plants are excellent and agriculture crops are fair to good.