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CHS Boys Wrestling Goes 1-2 At South Harrison Quad

The Chillicothe Boys Wrestling team went 1-2 at the South Harrison Quad on Thursday night. The Hornets grabbed a win over South Harrison, but fell in close matches to Lafayette and Savannah.
South Harrison (18) vs. Chillicothe (57)

106: Double Forfeit
113: Bryce Bergan (CHILLICO) over (SOHARRIS) (For.)
120: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over Koan Kuehmichel (SOHARRIS) (Fall 2:48)
126: Koan Kuehmichel (SOHARRIS) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
132: Isaiah Myers (CHILLICO) over (SOHARRIS) (For.)
138: Tomas Dela Rosa (CHILLICO) over (SOHARRIS) (For.)
144: Brendon Hoover (SOHARRIS) over Landon Thompson (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:08)
150: Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) over (SOHARRIS) (For.)
157: Cayden Larson (CHILLICO) over (SOHARRIS) (For.)
165: Gauge Chenet (CHILLICO) over Zander Doolittle (SOHARRIS) (Fall 2:09)
175: Brody Cairns (CHILLICO) over (SOHARRIS) (For.)
190: Brock Miller (CHILLICO) over (SOHARRIS) (For.)
215: Crae Coffey (SOHARRIS) over Dilyn Ulmer (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:47)
285: Bo Smith (CHILLICO) over Jarrett Eivins (SOHARRIS) (Dec 3-2)

Chillicothe (34) vs. Lafayette (St. Joseph) (45)

106: Colton Seipel (LAFAYSTJ) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
113: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over Martrehz Thuston (LAFAYSTJ) (MD 14-3)
120: Dawson Hangartner (LAFAYSTJ) over Bryce Bergan (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:48)
126: Braidin Simmon (LAFAYSTJ) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
132: Isaiah Myers (CHILLICO) over Tristan Flynn (LAFAYSTJ) (Fall 4:42)
138: Noah DeHart (LAFAYSTJ) over Tomas Dela Rosa (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:35)
144: Joseph Frazier (LAFAYSTJ) over Landon Thompson (CHILLICO) (Fall 2:21)
150: Pierce Roberts (LAFAYSTJ) over Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:14)
157: Cayden Larson (CHILLICO) over Zach Lynch (LAFAYSTJ) (Fall 0:34)
165: Jay Greiner (LAFAYSTJ) over Gauge Chenet (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:23)
175: Jackson Perkins (LAFAYSTJ) over Brody Cairns (CHILLICO) (Dec 6-1)
190: Brock Miller (CHILLICO) over (LAFAYSTJ) (For.)
215: Dilyn Ulmer (CHILLICO) over Brandon Torres-Moya (LAFAYSTJ) (Fall 3:05)
285: Bo Smith (CHILLICO) over (LAFAYSTJ) (For.)

Chillicothe (35) vs. Savannah (36)

106: Double Forfeit
113: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over (SAVANNAH) (For.)
120: Creighton Cook (SAVANNAH) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
126: Double Forfeit
132: Gage Schottel (SAVANNAH) over Isaiah Myers (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:15)
138: Deagen Pasley (SAVANNAH) over Tomas Dela Rosa (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:50)
144: Lincoln LaFave (SAVANNAH) over Landon Thompson (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:53)
150: Nic Scheib (SAVANNAH) over Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:49)
157: Cayden Larson (CHILLICO) over Braylon Ellis (SAVANNAH) (TF 18-2 4:30)
165: Chance Phillips (SAVANNAH) over Gauge Chenet (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:56)
175: Brody Cairns (CHILLICO) over Robert Ragland (SAVANNAH) (Fall 0:49)
190: Brock Miller (CHILLICO) over Cooper Burnsides (SAVANNAH) (Fall 1:40)
215: Dilyn Ulmer (CHILLICO) over Trystan Chadwick (SAVANNAH) (Fall 0:47)
285: Bo Smith (CHILLICO) over Joel Noellsch (SAVANNAH) (Fall 0:16)

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