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Boys Team Results                                                            MEC Boys COY – Chad Smith – Chillicothe HS

1 Cameron                           337.0

2 St. Pius X                           332.0

3 Savannah                          233.0

4 Chillicothe                        207.5

5 Maryville                            204.0

6 Benton                               174.5

7 Lafayette                           151.5



1st Place – Dylan Pratt of Cameron

2nd Place – Andrew Garcia of St. Pius X (Kansas City

3rd Place – Kemper Gehring of Benton



1st Place – Carter Shipers of Chillicothe

2nd Place – Will Erickson of Cameron

3rd Place – Cash Dew of Maryville



1st Place – Caleb Husch of Cameron

2nd Place – Dillan Chisam of St. Pius X (Kansas City)

3rd Place – Creighton Cook of Savannah



1st Place – Gage Schottel of Savannah

2nd Place – Tanner Turner of Maryville

3rd Place – River Meadows of Cameron



1st Place – Noah Gonzalez of St. Pius X (Kansas City)

2nd Place – William Brewer of Cameron

3rd Place – Tucker Turner of Maryville



1st Place – Marco Dalakishvili of St. Pius X (Kansas City)

2nd Place – Jakob Gray of Cameron

3rd Place – Grayson Hess of Maryville



1st Place – Chase Short of Cameron

2nd Place – Ethan Nash of Benton

3rd Place – Lincoln LaFave of Savannah



1st Place – Bishop Rush of Benton

2nd Place – Gage Jones of Cameron

3rd Place – Ethan Hunter of St. Pius X (Kansas City)



1st Place – Kenton Gates of Cameron

2nd Place – Cayden Larson of Chillicothe

3rd Place – Braylon Ellis of Savannah



1st Place – Jay Greiner of Lafayette (St. Joseph)

2nd Place – Chance Phillips of Savannah

3rd Place – Kavan Slater of St. Pius X (Kansas City)



1st Place – Jackson Rotterman of St. Pius X (Kansas City)

2nd Place – Jackson Perkins of Lafayette (St. Joseph)

3rd Place – Brody Carins of Chillicothe



1st Place – Cooper Burnsides of Savannah

2nd Place – Brock Miller of Chillicothe

3rd Place – Ty Ward of St. Pius X (Kansas City)



1st Place – Rylan Kuhn of St. Pius X (Kansas City)

2nd Place – Paul Viena of Cameron

3rd Place – Jason Blue of Benton



1st Place – Bo Smith of Chillicothe

2nd Place – Kort Watkins of Maryville

3rd Place – Kevin Machado of Benton