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Sixteen Projects For Roy Blunt Reservoir

Sixteen projects for the Roy Blunt Reservoir near Milan will be bid out or begin construction this fall.  The North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission made the announcement of the projects that include:

  1. Clay Liner on East Ridge
  2. Dam, Trench and Spillway
  3. Recreational Components
  4. Relocation of Boynton Historic Structure to Marina Site
  5. Raw Water Intake
  6. Raw Water Line
  7. Water Treatment Plant Phase 1A, and 1B
  8. Utility Relocation from Roy Blunt Reservoir Impacts
  9. Pollock Sewer #1 Pollock to Marina
  10. Pollock Sewer #2 Marina to Milan
  11. Source Water Protection and Stormwater Mitigation (Road/Project) Projects
  12. Bat Mitigation Easement
  13. 319 Rip Rap Placement
  14. Remaining Clearing and Grubbing, Stump Removal
  15. BUILD Project(s)
  16. Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge Mitigation

Several engineering firms and government agencies remain heavily involved throughout the project.