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OATS Bus Moving To Prepaid System

Riders of the Oats Bus should be ready for a change in how fares are collected, beginning July 1st.  Northwest Region Director Beth Langley says they are not changing fees, only who collects the fare.

Riders will need to set up an account and prepay to ride.

They hope to make this easier in the future.

Rides in Chillicothe are $1 each time you board the bus.

Rides within the county, but outside the community are $3.  And to an adjacent county, it is $4.

Langley says Chillicothe seniors are still covered on their fare.

If you need to establish an account for riding the Oats Bus, call the Northwest Office at 816-279-3131.  This is also the number you call to book an appointment to ride.

The Livingston County Fare Schedule: https://www.oatstransit.org/livingston

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