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Keep Eyes Peeled For Roadside Work And Mowing

While driving along Missouri roads, keep an eye out for crews working at the roadside.  The Missouri Department of Transportation says the dry spring slowed the start of the Mowing season, but crews are out getting the job done.

MoDOT urges you to use caution when encountering tractor mowers near the shoulders of interstates and other busy roadways.  MoDOT State Maintenance Director Natalie Roark. “We ask motorists to please watch out for our crews and help keep them safe too. Pay attention, slow down when approaching mowing crews, and never drive distracted.”

Major and minor routes will be mowed at least three times through the end of October.   Crews use a protective “follow” truck to alert motorists they are approaching slow-moving mowers. Drivers on two-lane rural roads are advised to:  Be alert, Slow down, Be prepared to stop or drive very slowly, and Obey the no-passing zone stripes.

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