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Grand River Watershed – Impaired Waters

Additional information has become available on the Impaired Water designation for the Grand River Watershed.  The Missouri Department of Natural Resources a Total Maximum Daily Load report has been released identifying pollutant loading that will restore the water to conditions that meet water quality standards.

The report identified possible sources of eColi contamination, both permitted and unpermitted.  These can include treatment facilities, agricultural land run-off, and feedlot run-off as a few examples.

Lower water level and drought conditions are also a consideration for the report.

According to DNR Environmental Program Supervisor for the Total Maximum Daily Load Unit, Michael Kruse, the state does not prohibit swimming in these impaired streams, but there is an increased risk of illness during periods when E. coli concentrations are high. This typically occurs after rainfall events when overland runoff enters the stream.

A draft of the TMDL for the Grand River (and some other streams) is currently available for public comment through Aug. 14th and is available on our website here:  https://dnr.mo.gov/document-search/draft-grand-river-middle-fork-grand-river-east-fork-grand-river-locust-creek-east-fork-locust-creek-total-maximum-daily-load


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