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Six Local Counties Under Extreme Drought Conditions

The most recent Drought Monitor map puts portions of six of the eight local counties in Extreme Drought conditions.  The six local counties affected by the Extreme Drought Designation include Livingston, Carroll, Chariton, Grundy, Linn, and Sullivan County.

20.23% of the state of Missouri is listed in Extreme Drought.  That is down from 23.18% last week.

46.67% of the state is at Severe Drought or above, down from 51.13% last week

78.38% of the state is at Moderate Drought or above, down from 78.95 last week.

94.93% of the state is at least Abnormally Dry, down from 95.34 last week

5.07% of the state has No Drought, up from 4.66% last week.

There is currently no Exceptional Drought in Missouri, which is down from 2.15% last week

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