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Appeal That Includes Health Center Board A Success

An appeal to the State Supreme Court by Livingston County Health Center Board of Trustees and other parties, collectively known as “The Counties,” was decided in “The Counties” favor.  The appeal was on the authority of “the counties” to intervene in a case they were not originally participating in.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, local health departments had issued orders, closed businesses, and quarantined students under Missouri’s Code of State Regulations pertaining to health orders.  In December of 2020, Cole County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Green ruled the local health departments did not have the authority to take those actions.  The Attorney General chose not to appeal on behalf of the Department of Health and Senior Services.

At that point, “The Counties” filed an appeal, but the Judge denied the request.

The State Supreme Court’s decision, sends the case back to Cole County Circuit Court, ordering the court to allow and consider the appeal by “the counties.”

Doug Doughty from the Livingston County Health Center Board of Trustees says they achieved their goal.


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