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Savannah Girls’ Tennis Handles Chillicothe Team

On Wednesday night at the Danner Park courts, the CHS Lady Hornets played MEC opponent Savannah High School where SHS led a dominant performance winning 7-2 over Chillicothe. Coach Chambers & Coach Pyrtle saw numerous stretches of high quality play from all levels of their team, but they were unable to close at several crucial moments that helped decide a handful of matches. The coaches saw lots of strengths to build upon but know their players also learned important early season lessons about clutch moments & mental fortitude that will help them later in post season play. Seniors Rylee Washburn & Isabella Garr also played incredibly high level tennis holding their own with two-time state medalist Iris Alvarez who dominates Class 1 play in northern Missouri year after year. Scores were as follows:
#1 Doubles — Rylee Washburn & Isabella Garr lost to Iris Alvarez & Kate Fischer 8-9 (tiebreak)
#2 Doubles — Bryton BeVelle & Micah Crowe lost to Saige Blake & Madeline Till 3-8
#3 Doubles — Bianca Clark & Keeley Shira lost to Allie Moore & Reagan Alexander 6-8
#1 Singles — Washburn lost to Alvarez 6-8
#2 Singles — Garr beat Blake 8-3
#3 Singles — BeVelle lost to Till 4-8
#4 Singles — Crowe lost to Fischer 5-8
#5 Singles — Clark lost to Moore 6-8
#6 Singles — Keonnia Morgan beat Alexander 8-3
The Hornet JV team started out a bit nervous against Savannah, but by the end of the night, they closed out numerous matches to secure a win for the JV team overall 8-6 solidified by a final, exciting tie break match from Rian Mathews & Lexi Lybarger. Coaches were thankful that their junior varsity squad each got two full matches in since that is rare for that level of play. Scores were as follows:
Morgan & Sarah George beat Addison Steele & Kaitlynn Clark 6-1
Summer Gatson & Rian Mathews lost to Courtney Brosi & Ashlyn Mallen 2-6
Sophia Littleton & Anya Moore beat Adalyne Christopher & Cora Gregory 6-3
Jasmine McLean & Sarah Boon lost to Charlotte Cope & Annelise Forney 3-6
Arisha Shafiq & Trixie Leppin lost to Adryn Scott & Brenzlee Becerra 3-6
Kierra Williams & Leighton Kelly lost to Maggie Prellwitz & Natalie Farwell 5-6
Gatson & Lybarger lost to Peyton Tannehill & Sydney Knorr 5-7
McLean & Boon beat Katherine Rock & Tatum Bowen 6-2
Littleton & Moore beat Farrell & Larson 6-2
Shafiq & Leppin beat Lainey Cassity & Keira Raya 6-2
Williams & Kelly beat Julia Cliff & Victoria Jones 6-3
Shira beat opponent 6-3
George lost to opponent 2-6
Mathews & Lybarger beat opponents 7-6 (tiebreak)
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