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Annular Eclipse Viewing Saturday

A partial annular eclipse will occur locally Saturday.  The US will experience the eclipse to varying degrees, depending on geographic location.  An annular eclipse differs from a total eclipse as the moon will not fully block out the sun, leaving a ring of the sun visible for those on the path of totality.

NASA says the path of the full annular eclipse is from near the southern tip of Texas to western Oregon.  Less of the eclipse effect will be visible to the NE or SW of the path.  In NW Missouri, we will experience 50-60% of the sun covered by the moon

Locally, the partial Annular Eclipse will begin at about 10:25 am and it will reach its maximum around 11:50 am, ending around 1:20 pm.  That is a total time of two hours and fifty-five minutes.

The National Weather Service says viewing here may not be very good due to the amount of cloud cover.

If you would like to view the eclipse, you can use the special eclipse glasses that are available as several retailers, or maybe you have them set aside from the last eclipse.  There are also several alternative viewing methods that can be tried.