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Friction Continues On Health Center Board

While the Livingston County Health Center Board was able to handle several items on the agenda without major disagreement, there were moments of contention.

Director Sherry Weldon told the board the Health Center was approached about a grant for Syphilis and HIV rapid testing that would include several counties.  Livingston County would train the other counties and handle the paperwork.  The board approved the application for the grant.

Reimbursement for repairs to a radio tower at the Health Center was approved.  The board will look at budgeting for future maintenance of the equipment.

During a discussion of board member ideas and observations, comments by Doug Doughty drew disagreement from both Sonja Daley and Clayton Vadnais.  Attorney Robert Cowherd recommended the stating of comments and moving to the next person on the board.  As part of the comments, Darlene Hughes urged moving forward.

The board talked about the process of adding items to the board agenda and discussed several items of old business.