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Livingston County Health Center Board Meeting

There is still no action taken on the revisions to the Livingston County Health Center Board bylaws.  The item was again on the board agenda.  Attorney Robert Cowherd presented the board with the revisions he had received and said they do not represent major changes.  Board Chair Sonya Daily made the recommendation to meet on a Saturday to discuss the changes.  That was seconded by Clayton Vadnais.  Darlene Hughes and Dough Doughty prefer to have a workshop session before, after, or during a regular meeting.  No Action was taken.

An update on the Thompson River Watershed impairment issues.  Doug Doughty says the DNR has made $72,000 available to develop a plan.

Includes microbial testing to identify the source.

 Several communities and agencies will work with The Green Hills Regional Planning Commission on the plan and implementation.