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Fire Department Responds To Fire And Odor Calls

A report of a structure fire summoned Chillicothe Firefighters to a location on east 2nd Street Friday morning.  The call came in at about 5:40 and the fire crew arrived in about 7 minutes to find a large pile of lumber and refuse that had been piled with a loader and set on fire.  The fire crew used about 750 gallons of water to put out the fire and was on the scene for about an hour.


Chillicothe Firefighters were called to check a gas smell at a business in the 700 block of South Washington Street.  The call came in about 9:40 am and the fire crew arrived in about 7 minutes.  They checked but found no gas leak.  The odor was found to be coming from the drains in the building.  The fire crew was on the scene for only a few minutes.