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Trenton Police Department Introduce – Operation CHOP

The Trenton Police Department introduces Operation CHOP.  Chief Rex Ross says Operation CHOP is for the Super Bowl Weekend.  He says CHOP stands for:

H-Homes of

He says “Since the Tomahawk Chop is the cheer of the Kansas City Chief’s fans at Arrowhead Stadium and we are all going to be cheering for the Kansas City Chief’s on Sunday, let’s take the time to check on the houses of your neighbors, friends, and family that are away from their residences for the big game.

If you see something suspicious, report it to the Police Department to have it checked out. By calling 359-2121 or 359-5557, or in an emergency, dial 911.

Operation CHOP will run from midnight Friday (tonight) to midnight Sunday, February 2nd.