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Public Comments Open For Swan Lake Habitat Restoration

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has developed a Draft Environmental Assessment for the proposed water management changes and habitat restoration at Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge.   Before major actions on federal lands may take place, they are required to inform and seek feedback from the public regarding the proposed actions.

Refuge Manager Steve Whitson says the work is to help them manage flooding effects.

Whitson says they had some options on changes that could be made.

A public comment period is open through April 8th. Copies of the Draft Environmental Assessment will be available at several locations, including:

  • The Public Libraries in, Brookfield, Brunswick, Carrolton and Chillicothe
  • The US Post Offices in Sumner, Mendon, and Hale
  • At the General Store in Sumner
  • At the General Store in Mendon
  • At the R Store in Hale
  • At the Refuge Headquarters Office
  • Copies are available for download on the Swan Lake NWR website at

As part of the EA public comment process the US Fish and Wildlife Service will be hosting an “Open House” on Thursday March 23 from 3 PM until 8 PM at the Sumner Community Center on Centre Street in Sumner.