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Board Of Public Works Handles Bids

No Bids, Rejected Bids, and accepted Bids.  The Chillicothe Board of Public Works handled several bids that were on the agenda this week.  General Manager Matt Hopper says for the Electric Department:

No bids were received for a new full sized pick-up.

For the new Tilt Bed Machinery Trailer, there were no bids, but the board authorized the purchase of a trailer that met the specs for up to the budgeted amount.

Hopper says three other bids were approved or partially approved.

The Water Resource Department had two items out for Bid.

The other bid was for a pick-up and the bid was rejected because it was over budget.

The Finance Department took bids for work on the website redesign, content management, and hosting.

The revised Retirement Benefit Policy was presented.  Hopper says the revisions were for clarification only, not changes in benefits.

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